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POOH - elevated ceramic bowl

POOH - elevated ceramic bowl

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12.5 diameter 

Say goodbye to traditional pet bowls and welcome the innovative POOH - the elevated bowl that brings comfort and style to your pet's mealtime!

Elevated and Ergonomic Design: POOH raises your pet's food and water to the perfect height, promoting better digestion and reducing strain on their neck and joints.

High-Quality and Durable: Made from premium materials, POOH ensures a sturdy and long-lasting feeding solution for your furry friend.

Perfect for All Pets: Whether you have a cat or a small dog, POOH is designed to cater to pets of various sizes, making mealtime comfortable for every furry family member.

Easy to Clean and Maintain: POOH is hassle-free to clean, making pet care a breeze for busy pet parents.


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