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FIONA - cat house with scratcher

FIONA - cat house with scratcher

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FIONA - The Purr-fect DIY Cat House and Scratcher!

Looking for a creative and cozy hideaway for your feline friend? Say hello to "FIONA," your cat's new favorite spot!

DIY Fun: Assemble "FIONA" in minutes, providing you and your cat with an exciting bonding activity. No tools required - just fold, tuck, and watch it take shape!

Milk Carton Design: Inspired by a classic milk carton, "FIONA" adds a playful touch to your home decor while satisfying your cat's curiosity.

Built-in Scratcher: No more scratched furniture! "FIONA" features a built-in cardboard scratcher to keep your cat's claws healthy and your furniture intact.

Cozy Retreat: The spacious interior offers a comfortable and private space for your cat to relax, nap, or simply hide away from the world.

Customization: Decorate "FIONA" with your cat's favorite toys or add some catnip to create a haven of feline fun.

Hours of Entertainment: "FIONA" guarantees endless playtime and relaxation for your fur baby. It's not just a house; it's a source of joy!

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