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Set Harness, Leash, Collar and Poop Bag carrier - CARMEN

Set Harness, Leash, Collar and Poop Bag carrier - CARMEN

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Elevate your pup's style and comfort with MOMO, the ultimate accessory collection that's as vibrant as your furry friend's personality!

Colorful Variety: MOMO offers a stunning array of colors, allowing you to match your dog's accessories to their individual flair. From bold and bright to subtle and classy, we have it all!

Total Comfort: Our harness, leash, and collar are designed for maximum comfort, ensuring your dog feels snug and at ease during walks and playtime.

Safety First: The sturdy harness and collar are crafted with safety in mind, providing secure control while preventing strain on your dog's neck. Enjoy peace of mind on every adventure!

All-in-One Convenience: With the poop bag carrier included, you're fully equipped for any outing. Keep your walks hassle-free and stylish with this compact and functional addition.

Stylish Bonding: MOMO's accessories not only reflect your dog's style but also enhance the bond you share. Make walks a fashion statement and a joyful activity for both of you.

Unleash Happiness: Whether it's a stroll in the park or an exciting outdoor adventure, MOMO's accessory set ensures your dog is comfortable, safe, and in style.

Step up your dog's accessory game with the MOMO set – a perfect blend of fashion, comfort, and functionality.

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