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Bath Brush - BUBBA

Bath Brush - BUBBA

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Introducing BUBBA, a pet silicone scrubber with built-in shampoo dispenser! 🛁

Give your furry friend the ultimate pampering with our cutting-edge BUBBA. Say goodbye to messy baths and wasted shampoo – now you can dispense shampoo directly through the scrubber!

Shampoo Savings: With the integrated dispenser, you're in full control of the precise amount of shampoo needed, preventing excess and ensuring cost savings.

Gentle Massage: The silicone texture of the scrubber provides a soothing and gentle massage for your pet, stimulating blood circulation and promoting a healthier coat.

Stress-Free Bathing: Bid farewell to slippery bottles and the struggle of applying shampoo to your pet. Our scrubber is ergonomically designed for an easy grip, making bath time a serene experience for both of you.

Safe Material: Crafted from premium silicone, our scrubber is gentle on your pet's sensitive skin and effortless to clean after use.

Turn bath time into playtime for your furry companion with BUBBA!

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