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Water Fountain - CECI

Water Fountain - CECI

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CECI water fountain  4L stainless steels 

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4-  Drinking Fountain / Drinking Fountain for Cats / Stainless Steel Wireless Drinking Fountain / Wireless Drinking Fountain for Cats

5- 4 L Cat Fountain with Motion Sensor

6- Water Fountain / Built-in 4000 mAh Rechargeable Battery


Wireless design, Set It Anywhere, No wires to trip or be chewed.

*Allow your cats and dogs to drink water more comfortably.

CECI Stand-alone battery-operated dog water fountain, no fixed wires, more freedom to place it anywhere your pet needs it: in your kitchen, bedroom, balcony, yard, camping or elsewhere, which will encourage your furry baby to drink more water.

*Large Cat Fountain Water Bowl, Enjoy Your Trip Carefree!

The capacity of the water tank is 135fl oz / 4L, which can meet the drinking water needs of cats or dogs for 10-15 days (even a large dog such as Labradors, German Shepherds, etc.). If you usually go out frequently and cannot replenish water for cats, it is a wise choice.

*CECI Cordless Pet Fountain Makes Cleaning a Breeze

Cat drinking fountain is made of stainless-steel material, not only in the water tray, but also on the fountain body. This makes it easy to clean and maintain.

Both the main body and the water tray, as well as the strainer steel, go directly into the dishwasher, making cleaning easy.

*Integrated Water Pump Frees Hands and Saves Precious Time.

Keeping your pet's water bowl filled and cleaning is easy with this simple construction designed pet fountain. You don't have to fuss with internal wires, with no hard-to-reach places.

*Stainless Steel Dog Fountain More Durable, Hygienic and Longer Lasting.

Because they're non-porous, they won't get slimy and absorb odors, ensuring your cat has access to clean water. It's also less likely to scratch or chip, meaning it can withstand water exposure without degrading over time. You will find that its bang for the buck in your long-term observation!

*Visible Changes in Water Level

The clear water level window in front of cat fountain allows you to see when the water level is getting low. The indicator light of water pump flashes red to remind you to add water. It helps you stay on top of it.

*Not Easy to Knock Over

The heavy weight pet water fountain stainless steel and anti-silp rubbers may ease your worries, being able to withstand cat paw attack.

*Cat Friendly Water Tray

CECI wireless fountain which drinking area of the water tray is more than 10cm, allows cats' whiskers to remain above the bowl while they drink that prevent whisker fatigue.

*How to install

a. Soak the filter in water for about 5 minutes.

b. Fill the water tank with clean water.

c. Assemble all the parts from bottom to top.

d. Choose the working mode and press the button.

e. Cat fountain starts to work.

25dB Supremely Silent

The advanced water flow structure filters out noise so the entire fountain flowing at a barely audible 25dB—quieter than a whisper.

Safe Cordless Water Fountains for Your Cat

There is no need to connect to a DC power supply, so you do not worry about electric leakage and electric shock. Through the integrated battery and pump, the components are disassembled and assembled as easy as pie.

3 Work Modes, Switch By Button

- Sensor Mode: releases water for 15s (Sensing area 4-6 ft/120°).

- Timing Mode: releases water 20s once every 12 minutes.

- Continuous Mode: 24/7 circulating flowing water. (Can only be used when plugged in.)

- Low Battery Reminder: When the battery is low, the battery symbol will turn red.

- Filter Replacement Reminder: The filter indicator light will light up to reminder to replace filter once a month/ 30days.

What’s included?

1 x Cat fountain wireless 135fl oz/4L

1 x Main control module and pump

1 x Filter & 4 x Filter sponge

1 x TYPE-C USB cable and power adapter

1 x Cleaning set (Brush + Tweezers + Nano Sponge)

1 x User manual


The water pump and the impeller inside need to be cleaned regularly once a week to ensure smooth water flow.

The filter sponge should be replaced once a week.

Please replace the filter once a month.

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